Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013


I have a new obsession - sunglasses. I guess everybody owns a pair of them and man they are handy. I never used to wear them, I had one simple pair lying around, but most of the time I forgot to take them with me.
Now that I'm used to wearing glasses regularly I really got into them. A good pair of sunglasses can be so handy in so many occassions. They are great fashion accessories in summer (or even in winter when the snow is eyeblindingly bright), they can be so useful when disguising your face (puffy tear-stained eyes, blotchy cheeks,...the list is endless) and most importantly they can help a great deal when you want to stay anonymous. Just plop a dark pair of sunglasses on and people will leave you alone - it's the same with nice big headphones btw.

I now own (together with my mum) four pair of sunglasses, all of them either pink, black or a combination of the two - and I love them all so much! I'm going to try and take pictures of them tomorrow, when there's daylight and add them here (even though I'm quite sure I'm going to fail in the picture-taking department - I'm just not very talented, sadly).

These are the ones I'm currently lusting after. The blue ones from Accessorize I might just get next time I'm in town, but those two beauties from Ray Ban - especially the tangerine one (I LOVE anything tangerine atm) - will definitely never be mine. Money and such, right - depressing.

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that I'm all about color right now, isn't it. And I so shouldn't be posting this right now, my last oral exam is like, oh today already, so well....let's wish myself good luck ;)

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

sugary, vanille goodness.

Sometimes everybody needs to be a bit selfindulgent. For me that means retreating into the bathroom and having a long, hot bath. But not just simply plonking down into the tub, reading a bit, washing my hair and out again. No, no. A hot, steaming bathtub filled with heavily scented and beautifully colored water. Scented candles. A big pot of sweet black tea accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine. Hair and facial masks, body scrubs waiting to be used. 
There is nothing more relaxing, is there?

Yesterday evening I treated myself to exactly such a pamper evening, because I had been feeling pretty awful the whole day and sometimes one just needs some me-time, right? Of course, having a bath is the perfect occasion to use the product group I'm currently totally obsessed with:
Body scrubs.
This post is therefore dedicated to the most awesome bodyscrub I have hitherto encountered:
The Bath & Body Works LUXURIES Warm Vanilla Sugar Salt Scrub.
Quite the name. My mom bought this years (7 or 8) ago and it has since been discontinued (such a shame...). As you can see quite a bit of it has been used up, but the last few years this pretty jar sat unnotices in a cupboard in the bathroom. But due to my obsession with body scrubs I remembered that we still had this. Just look at it, the salt completly immersed in rich oils...hmm.

Some may say that using a product after such a long time is disgusting. Normally I might agree with you, but this product contains mainly seasalt and organic oils and - correct me if I'm wrong - those can't exactly go bad, can they? 

To make a long story short: I tried it and: OMG! That stuff is amazing (pronouncing every syllable). The smell is divine. Brown sugar, caramel, honey, vanille and something a bit musky make up the perfect scent for a cuddly, cosy evening.
The texture of the scrub is pretty rough, but it really scrubs away every bit of dead skin and leaves you with glowing skin. It does leave quite a bit of oily residue which I'm sure some would mind. But I really like it because it saves me the long process of putting body lotion or such on my body. The next day after using this my skin is still satiny smooth and hydrated. 

It really is a luxury of a product.
(And yes, the picture is a wee bit gross, but with all the oiliness, one can't help it.)

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

thanks, Zoe.

So, turns out that I'm currently way too busy to get my mind around anything...thought- or useful. I'm in the middle of my final exams in school and...honestly? It's not as bad as everybody says it is. The panic beforehand is way worse than the actual exam - you're way too focused and concentrated to get anything near to panicy. 

This actually brings me to what I wanna talk about today. I very recently - today ;) - discovered another beauty channel on Youtube, one that is actually very very popluar and well known: zoella280390
She is AMAZING! Funny, sweet and with the most gorgeous british accent. In her most recent video she's talking about saying yes and overcoming your fear (I'm going to link that below) and I was like - girl, you are just telling the story of my life.

During the last year I have been going through the same process that she is talking about. I decided for myself that I didn't want to be the shy, awkward girl that spends most of her time being miserable with herself anymore. 

I went out with friends and actually enjoyed it which I never did before, most of the time I felt left out and awkward. We partyed, had fun, all the stuff that one should do at seventeen and whatnot and I grew so much more confident. Suddenly I knew what I was capable of and, for the first time, felt accepted for who I actually was. 
Today, I am a changed person. I'm still me, but I'm not holding back parts of my personality any more. That is what it always felt like, as if I was holding back, but way too afraid and scared to to something about it. It's just simply such an amazing feeling to be able to say, yeah let's to this, let's try that, without feeling so incredibly insecure. I used to be terribly self-conscious. Talking to random people (e.g. shop assistants, the postman...)? No way! Only thinking about it freaked me out. 

I'm still not somebody who enjoys being the center of attention, but I'm pushing myself all the time, trying to overcome my fears. As clichée as it may sound, but Zoe is right: Saying yes can totally change your life.

Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

about the small things

It's so easy to get caught up in the endless circle of today's world that we forget what really matters.
A piece of freshly baked roll coated with poppy seed with only a bit of salted butter. Delicious, isn't it.
That is what has to be appreciated, but is so easily forgotten. I pity all those who have lost the ability to find joy in the small things in life which may not seem so terribly important but which can be the source of great joy.
If one is going through a difficult time, when life has decided to turn upside down, when the bigger picture is one big mess...concentrate on the small things. It might just add a whole other perspective.
Most people seem to have ceased to enjoy their lives on a smaller scale, which is very sad because it makes them miss out so much.
Like...enjoying the simplicity of a piece of bread with butter on it. The sweet smell of freshly cut grass. The cup of steaming hot tea or coffee in the morning, whatever you prefer.
Because the small things do matter. Enough wise words for today.

And that's who I am.



Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

bonjour le monde.

So. Interesting. To suddenly have so much space just for your own thoughts. It's intimidating, actually. Probably good that nobody is reading this - not yet anyway.

I don't care if anybody will ever read this. This is my tiny, for the rest of the world non-important, space to get my thoughts out of my head, creating my own little kingdom. If it happens that fellow minds come along, great! But if not I'm just as happy. 

Do you know that feeling when those conversations in your head just simply need to get out? When talking to yourself is not enough anymore, when your mind is so crowded that you just wanna get it out there?

This is one of those moments for me and I've been having these moments for quite some time now. I know, why not just keep a diary, you're asking. Why not just scribble those random thoughts down, instead of making them pretty much public. Simple answer to that. I want to create something bigger. I want a place where I can collect and accumulate all the amazing stuff that I stumble over day after day in the big space of the world wide web. Life isn't just about words, right? 

It's in the middle of the night and I know I should be fast asleep in my bed. Tomorrow will be another tough day. The whole month will be one big load of stress and pressure, exhilaration and sadness. 

There's an ending awaiting and I fear it. But endings always lead to new beginnings, they do, they do...